Not Many Want to Be Cheap for Their Great Day

It is always mind-boggling when I see how some folks go all out with spending for their wedding, reception and honeymoon.

Maybe, one reason is that for those rare occasions, people really want to make sure that what they get in exchange for the money is the best of the best.

However, despite their well meant intention to get, say only first-class professionals for their wedding photos and videos or for the wedding’s musical entertainment I see a lot of people always making the same mistake:

They don’t take enough time with selecting a good wedding photographer or musicians for their great day.

Let’s be honest, how can you spend about £500 or more on a wedding photographer when you only looked at one and didn’t compare several before you make a decision?

Wedding photographers can often vary but only in the quality of their photos and videos but also in their style. I always tell people today should take a look at at least three or four photographers before make such a decision so they know whether photographer is right for their own wedding.

The same is true for musical entertainment. If you already spent a fortune on food, drink, flowers and other stuff you definitely don’t want to go with some forgettable local band.

This is why I usually recommend folks that they should look into surprise entertainment such as The Singing Waiters. The Singing Waiters can make your great day really special. And what can be more important than that?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of professionals in this industry today who claim to be the best in their class, whether it’s wedding photographers or the band you’re about to hire. But you will only know for sure when they present to you a history of their previous work or you can see them in action elsewhere.

This can help you get an impression when they will be right for your own great day!

On Apprenticeships And Their Benefits

So many young people today are facing an extremely competitive job market where it is almost impossible to get into a certain career field after they finish their school. The job market in the UK and in most other countries is indeed so competitive today that employers can afford it to be extremely choosy when they hire. Most of the time they will plain out reject applicants that have no first-hand job experience. This creates a paradox situation given that fresh graduates are looking for their first job to obtain exactly that. Obviously, getting first-hand job experience is therefore almost impossible for many.

So how can get graduates into their desired career field quickly? How can they get experience and qualifications in an extremely competitive job market with increasingly more picky employers?

it-apprenticeshipThe answer here is: Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships can be the solution for all the above mentioned problems. First, the graduate is given an opportunity to get into a desired field while obtaining real, first-hand experience and other qualifications and skills – all at the same time and while being paid.

In some fields, such as when we’re talking about getting IT apprenticeships or apprenticeships in similar careers, the apprentice can use the time during their apprenticeships to obtain additional qualifications and training.

Many IT businesses and startups today offer their trainees to get A+ certified or to obtain other, useful certifications. Those certifications and training programs are extremely high in demand today.

The other significant advantage from apprenticeships would be that companies will normally hire their apprentices once they finished their training as opposed to hiring on other applicants. For the employer this has the obvious benefit that they will exactly know about the qualities and skills about their apprentices at the end of their training. And for the apprentice it means that they will get into their desired career field without having to spend months looking, often unsuccessfully.

Racehorses Getting Faster According to Study

fast-horses-2According to a recent study conducted by the University of Exeter, racehorses are getting faster.

In the past, it was generally assumed that racehorse speeds were not increasing.

A new study called “Racehorses are getting faster” which had been published in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters now draws a different conclusion contradicting the general consensus that racehorse speeds hadn’t been improving and reached a limit.

This new report points out how previous studies did not take into account factors such as ground conditions and that they often merely analysed winning times of a small number of races.

The authors of the study, Patrick Sharman and Alastair J Wilson provided detailed data and insight covering about 200 years of racehorse performance.

By analysing more than 600,000 race times run by 70,388 horses, the report shows how racing speeds have significantly improved since the mid-1800s. The study for more concludes that improvements in performance are ongoing.

Mr Sharman stated that there “Has been a general consensus over the last 30 years that horse speeds appeared to be stagnating. Our study shows this is not the case and, by using a much larger data set than previously analysed, we have revealed horses have been getting faster. Interestingly, both the historical and current rate of improvement is greatest over sprint distances. The challenge now is to find out whether this pattern of improvement has a genetic basis.”

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Guess Who Has A Say When It Comes To Moving Home?

buying-propertyAccording to a recent report at The Daily Mail,  it’s women who have the final say when it comes to buying a new home!

For the study, more than 2000 homeowners in the United Kingdom have been asked about their process when they purchase property.

The astonishing result of the study is that it’s normally women who made the final decisions in 68% of the examined cases.

What’s more, 70% of men asked said they were happy for their partner to have the final say in choosing their home.

Even more astonishing is the study’s finding that almost 20% of men agree to buy property based on their wife’s recommendation without even having seen it!

A spokesperson for estate agent Quick Move Now for whom the study was conducted to the press: “When a couple move house it clearly needs to be a joint effort. But naturally people tend to gravitate towards what interests them most, whatever that may be. Leaving most of the choices to one person may work for both parties, but it’s still important that everyone has some input. Moving house can be a life-changing decision after all.’

The research also showed that the majority of women,  73% admitted they took the lead managing and organising a property purchase which includes visiting estate agents and property viewings.

How An Ergonomic Office Can Not Only Benefit Your Health

ergonomic chairThe benefits of an ergonomic workplace, whether it be for your own home office or for any other place of work are scientifically sound and proven.

In the last decades, employers have realised that providing their employees with ergonomic workplaces will cut down on sick times and the often immense costs for the treatment and therapy of work-related ailments.

Today it is widely understood that no company would gain anything from workers suffering from health issues such as back pains or headaches.

Aside from the fact that ergonomic office furniture can help to prevent many of those today just all-too-common ailments, better ergonomics doesn’t only benefit our physical health but is also thought to provide beneficial for our mental well-being, though both, physical wellness and mental health are course often closely linked together.

If a workplace can be considered healthy, where working even over prolonged hours won’t lead to pains or bodily strains it will almost always also mean more motivation, happiness at work and less stress. And with less stress  and higher motivation will also come higher productivity and efficiency.

Better ergonomics in your own home

While ergonomics are (fortunately) an important topic at many places of work today, this is not necessarily the case when we talk about private homes. However, in a time where increasingly more people work from home it should the question have the same priority.

But ergonomic furniture can not only benefit your physical and mental health when we’re talking about work such as in your home office. Most of us today spend even their free time seated in front of a computer or spend long hours watching movies. This is the reason why simply replacing your old computer chair for a new ergonomic chair could mean a whole lot of a difference. While a good ergonomic chair may possibly cost a little more than a bargain chair from the discount store around the corner it sure will provide tremendous benefits which will make this a worthwhile investment.


How Instagram Can Help Small Businesses

There is an interesting article about how instagram can help small businesses over at USA Today. I found this intriguing since I myself don’t use instagram (yet) but will definitely give this a shot now. One woman mentioned in the article, Miranda Jade Plater, is making $10,000 in sales each time she posts a picture.

The article mentions how Instagram today can be an increasingly important part of small businesses’ social media strategies. It’s helping them drive sales, gain customers and develop their brand. As with most social media, it’s all about the right target audience. Instragram is especially helpful to businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, clothing stores, hair salons and similar businesses that sell items that photograph well.

Private Schools Or Public Schools?

Nothing can be more important than our children’s education. It is the education in a good school that is giving our children the knowledge and skills that they can benefit from later in life. But it’s not only about acquiring knowledge to be successful later on in life when children grow up. In addition to giving knowledge and nurturing the interests and talents of our children, education should also go hand-in-hand with developing personal traits and qualities so that children can grow into responsible and successful adults.

3_2951_eIt is those combined qualities of giving our children the best education and to help them develop on a personal level that today makes many parents choose private and independent schools over public schools.

Putting your children in a private school will mean that teachers can better focus on your child: Most of the time, classes in private school are much smaller as compared to public ones so that teachers can dedicate more time to each child.

Those children who may otherwise have troubles learning can be supported much better and individual interests can also be nurtured unlike as is the case with public education.

In public schools, the development of your child’s personality aside from what is taught in daily classes will not have a major priority. Private schools on the other hand can dedicate to your children wholly, even outside the classroom. It is there where private schools in the UK can help to teach your children values such as morale and responsibility, traits that are equally important when a child grows up .

The United Kingdom is one of those countries that has an extensive history of excellent private schools which helped and today still help to grow the most successful and responsible adults. If you want to give your children the best education and so much more when they grow up you should see private schools Hertfordshire any of the other, outstanding independent schools in the UK.


Creationism Finally Banned from UK Free Schools

Those seeking science classrooms free from religion have finally scored a giant victory. The British Government finally banned the teaching of Creationism from free schools and academies in the nation.

A note with a funding agreement was released last week that defines creationism as “any doctrine or theory which holds that natural biological processes cannot account for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth and therefore rejects the scientific theory of evolution.”

The note also says that Creationism “does not accord with the scientific consensus or the very large body of established scientific evidence; nor does it accurately and consistently employ the scientific method, and as such it should not be presented to pupils at the Academy as a scientific theory”.

This new decision is an extension of the ban to teach creationism that was already put in place back in 2012. However, back then, the ban did only apply to future free schools. The new agreement now includes all schools and academies in the UK.